I am extremely honored to be part of such an amazing community and staff who are all dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of our students. Together we can ensure that Archbold Elementary provides a supportive environment in which each student reaches their highest academic potential in an engaging, stimulating, safe, and respectful environment.  
Our staff at AES is just one of the many reasons this is such an AMAZING place. Our entire team, from our classified to our certified members, is student-centered, caring, and motivated toward the success of ALL students. AES teachers demonstrate a true passion and dedication to maintaining a strong academic program to ensure that all students continue to show improvement towards meeting or exceeding the State Standards.
We value relationships with our parents and therefore we strive to maintain open lines of communication. There are many ways to be kept informed of our academic programs, events, and upcoming activities. Please refer to the AES Highlights (our monthly newsletter), as well as our district webpage for the latest information. Additionally on this site, you will find email links to our staff members as just another avenue for communication. It is the winning combination of our dedicated teachers, parents, and students that creates a successful school climate and enables Archbold Elementary School to be a great place for children. I look forward to working with you this year. Please communicate with your child’s teacher or myself if you ever have a question or concern.


Andrea Thiel




Principal: Andrea Thiel

Secretary: Diane Bernath


7 Mindsets

The mission of 7 Mindsets is to expand the potential of students and educators, helping them dream bigger, pursue their passions, have meaningful relationships, thrive in and out of school, and make the world a better place. 7 Mindsets is committed to ensuring that students, educators, and the entire school community have hope for the future, a firm belief in their potential, and a strong sense of belonging and connection.

In 2006, the founders launched an extensive meta-analysis study that asked a single question: What allows an individual to attain happiness in life? Over a three-year period, researchers interviewed thousands of individuals, from many walks of life, who discovered happiness and success on their own terms. The findings were simple, yet evident. Happiness and success are not predicated on what individuals know or where they come from; instead, it is grounded in how we think.

Each month, we will focus on one of the 7 Mindsets.  We will encourage students to apply what they are learning about each mindset to their daily lives. 

  • Everything is Possible (Sept.)
  • Passion First (Oct.)
  • Attitude of Gratitude (Nov./Dec.)
  • Live to Give (Jan.)
  • We Are Connected (Feb.)
  • 100% Accountable (Mar.)
  • The Time is Now (Apr.)

4th Grade End of Year Video

Watch the 2023-24 4th Grade End of Year Video!

Cafeteria Prices

Free breakfast/lunch will not be offered to all students unless your family qualifies for free lunch status. If your family qualifies for reduced status, your student will be charged $0.30 for breakfast and $0.40 for lunch. When sending any money to school throughout the year, please place it in an envelope with the child’s name, amount enclosed, and the purpose plainly indicated on the envelope.

Breakfast Prices:

Students- $1.85 

Adults-  $2.20

Lunch Prices:

Students-  $2.70 

Adults- $4.20 

Additional Milk- $.50

To make an online payment or view student balances, log into your PaySchools account or contact Sandy Babcock or Diane Bernath.

Click here to see directions for creating a PaySchools account.

Breakfast Program

At Archbold Elementary, breakfast will be served from 8:00-8:20 AM in the elementary cafeteria. All students need to report to their classrooms to sign in before going to breakfast.  

Parking Lot Safety


In order to keep our students who are dropped off safe, we have a designated  “drop-off zone”.   The drop-off zone will be between the two cross walks in front of the school building. Students who are being dropped off will need to exit the car once it is in this zone in order to keep traffic flowing in the morning. Traffic cannot be backed up on Lafayette Street.  If needed, parents should enter and park in the lot or go to the third row in the parking lot to drop off students.  If dropping off in the third row, students should follow the marked areas to the cross walk.



Walkers and students getting picked up will exit the main front doors. Parents picking up student(s) will need to park in the parking lot and come to the front of the school to pick up their student(s) and get them safely across the cross walk.  There will be no curb side pick-up allowed.

Please be patient as we try to keep our students safer. Thank you for your cooperation!

Arrival/Dismissal Time

Buses will be arriving at 8:05 AM to drop off the elementary students. Students who walk or are dropped off are asked to arrive between 8:00 AM - 8:15 AM (if eating breakfast at school, please arrive closer to 8 AM).  Students will not be allowed to enter the building until the first bell rings at 8:00 AM.  There will be no supervision of children prior to 8:00 AM.   The tardy bell will ring at 8:20 AM.  Parents can still drop off at the curb or can park and drop off kids at the front door.  Parents will not be permitted to walk their students to class.  Staff will be on hand to help guide our students to class once they are dropped off at the front door. 

Dismissal time will begin at 3:00 PM for walkers/pick up students followed by bus riders as follows:  

3:00 PM:  Walkers/Pick Up  with Last Names A-M

3:05 PM:  Walkers/Pick Up with Last Names N-Z (and students going to HS)

3:07 PM:  Bus Route Dismissal Begins