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From Left: John Downey, Phil Nofziger, Karen Beck, Roel Galvan, Jeremy Hurst

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Current Board Meeting Report

April 16, 2018

Superintendent Report

Our team has been working together to prepare for implementation of the online substitute service-Frontline Education for next school year.  Our goal is to have it ready for implementation in May so that we can introduce it to our staff and do the trainings to prepare us for next August.


I have included some information in your handouts in regard to a school resource officer for next year.  The papers include how the officer can be utilized, financing, and also a sample job description.  Tonight, we are lucky enough to have Police Chief Leo Wixom here with us.


I want to thank Deb Buehrer, who worked for our district for 20 years and has served a total of 32 years in education.  Deb has been a great person for our kids and our staff, and she has done an excellent job in the elementary library.  Our library is a warm and inviting place for our kids and that is a testament to how she has treated our young people. She will be missed!


Chris and I were able to meet with representatives from the OFCC during the last week of March.  It was interesting to hear how they could assist us in the building project and I think we both learned a lot through the meeting.  The state share is now at 29% and we will look at exploring the use of their services when the next sign on period comes about next school year.


I want to thank all of the Pastoral staff and community members who came to our buildings on March 28 for the prayer walk. It was encouraging to see all of the people here praying for our schools and the students.  We live in a great community!


Thank you to Doug Krauss who has decided to step down from the head basketball coaching position after 34 years.  He has helped to make our program one of the top in the state and I know that Doug has impacted the lives of many young men over his career.  We wish him the best and appreciate all he has done for our district.

Archbold Area School Board Meeting Minutes for April 16, 2018

Approved March 19, 2018 Regular Meeting Minutes.  

Approved March 2018 Financial Reports. 

Approved participation in the OHI Workers’ Compensation Group Rating Program for the 2019 policy year providing the group remains active. 

Approved appropriation modifications 

Approved the following donations:

Description                  Donor                         Amount             Recipient

Cash                            Lisa Zuver Towns        $150.00           Softball Program

Cash                            Jim Rivello                  $700.00           MS & Elementary       


Authorized the distribution of proceeds from the high school concessions account to the following student activity accounts and organizations. 


                         NHS                                                    $691.20

                        Athletic Boosters                                  $345.60

                        Student Council                                    $1,036.80

                        FCCLA                                                  $1,036.80

                        After Prom Committee                       $5,184.00

                        Boys and Girls Soccer Program          $1,728.00

                        High School Art Club                           $1,036.80

                        Varsity Cheerleaders                          $2,764.80

                        Archbold Football Club                       $1,382.40

                        Class of 2019                                      $3,456.00

                        Physics                                                $1,382.40

                        Athletic Department                           $6,336.00

                        High School Principal Fund                 $345.60

                        Spanish Club                                       $1,036.80

                        Softball                                               $345.60

                        Choir                                                    $691.20


Approved revisions/changes/additions to Neola Policies 4121, 4162, 5111, 5112, 8400, 8600.04, 9141. 

Awarded the bus bid for 2- 78 Passenger school busses to Cardinal Bus Sales. 

Accepted the retirement resignation of Deb Buehrer as Elementary Media Specialist, effective July 1, 2018. 

Approved a one-year supplemental contract for Joe Frank as Varsity Boys Head Basketball coach for the 2018-2019 school year.  

Approved a one-year contract for Chad Kruse as a certified bus driver for the 2018-2019 school year. 

Accepted the Superintendent’s recommendation to approve the extended days as follow:


Name                                      2018-2019 School Year

HS Guidance (2)                                  10 days

MS Guidance                                       10 days

ES Guidance                                        10 days

Vo-Ag/FFA                                            15 days

Vocal Music                                          10 days

Band                                                    10 days 


Approved a 2-yr contract for Lorinda Brader as Technology Director effective from August 1, 2018 to July 31, 2020.

Approved Jason Fisher as a sub bus driver for the 2018-2019 school year pending background check and all requirements for bus driver certification are successfully met. 

Approved Allan Miller as a sub bus driver for the 2018-2019 school year pending background check and all requirements for bus driver certification are successfully met. 

Accepted the Superintendent’s recommendation to approve contracts for the following certified and classified employees for the 2018-2019 school year. 

Certified Contract Renewals

Amy Baden                  MA                  2yr-20

Derrick Baksa              BA                   1yr-19

John Brooks                 MA                  2yr-20

Jennifer Cobb               BA-150           2yr-20   

Michelle Conway           BA-150          2yr-20

Jonathan Fether            BA-150          2yr-20

Lauren Frey                   BA                 2yr-20

Courtney Froehlich        BA-150          2yr-20

Stacy Guelde                 MA                 2yr-20

Dana Hilfinger                BA                 2yr-20

Jeremy King                   MA                Continuing

Megan Martz                  MA                1yr-19

Abbey Nafziger              BA                  2yr-20

Cody Ruffer                    BA                  2yr-20

JoAnn Short                   B-150              2yr-20

Joseph Williams            BA-150            1yr-19


Classified Contract Renewals

Jackie Ballmer              Bus Aide                      Continuing

Kathy Beck                   Bus Aide                      Continuing

Tiffanie Kruse               Playground Aide          Continuing

Tiffanie Kruse                Mail Courier                2yr-20

Ron Rice                        EL Custodian               2yr-20

Nancy Ruffer                  Bus Driver                   1yr-19  


Accepted the Superintendent’s recommendation to approve a contract for the following certified employee for the 2018-2019 school year. 

Ben Gericke                                        BA-150                        2yr-20

Accepted the resignation of Lori Yoder as school nurse effective the end of the 2017-2018 school year. 

Approved a compensation increase for Lorinda Brader, Technology Director of 1.75% effective August 1, 2018 through July 31, 2019.


Elementary Principal Report

Middle School Principal Report

High School Principal Report

Curriculum Director Report










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