Message from the Principal

Thank you for visiting the Archbold Middle School website!  I hope you find this resource helpful.  AMS is a special place for students to learn and grow.  We have a strong COMMUNITY of students and staff for the 2017-2018 school year!  It is inspiring to visit the classrooms and be involved in the challenging and motivating lessons that our students are engaged in every day.  No matter the specific role a TEAM member plays; from cook, to teacher, to custodian, all are committed to providing every student with an extremely positive school experience.

- Matt Shields, AMS Principal


Upcoming Dates

8th Grade Trip: Our 5th annual 8th grade trip to Washington DC will be May 2-5, 2019. Registration is on-line at Our tour code is TN8V6T6. For more information contact Mr. Shields or Mr. Lambert.

Initial Fall Sports practice/ tryout dates: As a reminder, for your child's safety, no athlete is allowed to participate in any sport until a current physical is on file with the athletic department. You must obtain the necessary forms to take to your physician by printing them from your student's Final Forms account. It is a good idea to schedule these appointments ahead of time in the summer. Mandatory Fall Sports Parent/ Coaches meetings will be held after Open House on Monday, August 20 at 7:30.

-Football: August 6. 9AM. AMS.

-Cross Country:  August 6. 7 PM AMS

- Cheerleading: August 8. 9AM @ High School

-Volleyball: August 13. 9 AM.@ AMS

2019 Schedule Pick-up/ Fee Payment: begins Monday, August 13 from 8:30 AM. – 3:00 PM in the AMS Office

Open House: 6 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. on Monday, August 20, 2018. Mandatory Fall Sports Parents/ Coaches meetings begin at 7:30.

First Day of School: Wed., Aug. 22.  Students must be in the building by 8AM.

Picture Day: Tuesday, August 28, 2018.

Fall Fundraiser Kick-off:  September 18 -Cookie Dough & Magazine sales to support class activities

Grandparents’/Retirees Day for 5th Grade: 20th annual Grandparents’ Day will be held on Friday, Oct 5.  Registration material will be sent home after the start of school



Principal: Matt Shields

Secretary: Robin Wyse


2018 - 2019 School Supplies

5th Grade Supply List for 2018-2019


1 – 1” WHITE hardcover 3 ring binder for Reading

1 – 1” BLUE hardcover 3 ring binder for Soc. St.

1 – 1” RED hardcover 3 ring binder for Science

1 RED spiral notebook for Math

2 – Composition notebooks

1 - RED plastic two-pocket folder, WITH paper fasteners – for ELA

1 - plastic two-pocket folder – without fasteners – any color  - homework

24 – wooden pencils, sharpened

1 pkg. colored pencils – 12 count or higher

Ink pens – 1 blue and 1 red

2 - Dry erase markers

2 – Highlighters

1 – Ultra Fine Point Sharpie Pen – BLACK (the kind that won’t bleed through)

2 - Erasers – pink block style

4 – Glue sticks

1 – Bottle of school glue

1 – Scissors

1 – Zippered pencil pouch

Earbuds or headphones (will be kept at school) – may use the headphones from 4th grade

2 – Large boxes tissues

Notes: - Any of the supplies on the list above that were used in 4th grade may

                be reused again in 5th grade - if still in good condition.

  -NO Trapper Keepers due to limited space in lockers.


Sixth Grade Supply List: 2018-2019

1 -  zippered pencil pouch

1 -  package loose-leaf, wide-ruled paper

2 – red pens

2 - highlighters

4 - glue sticks

1 - scissor

1 - package colored pencils

1 - pkg. 3x5 lined index cards

4 – dry erase markers

2 – boxes of tissues

3 - 1” binders (Science, Social Studies, ELA- different colors preferable)

1 - box of 50 vinyl sheet protectors to be divided between Science and Social Studies binder

1- 5 tab divider (for ELA binder only)

2 - vinyl 2 pocket folders (1 blue, 1 orange)

2 - 100 page spiral notebook (1 red, 1 blue)

A supply of pencils

1 – TI-30XIIS calculator

2- Sharpie (no bleed) thin line markers (We use these for a lot of our projects.)

1- earbuds/headphones



2 – 1 inch 3-ring binder (Science – RED  & History - BLUE)

1- 1 ½  inch 3-ring binder (English/Reading- BLACK)

1 – set of colored pencils

1 – highlighter

2 – black dry erase markers (English)

1 – ruler

1 – Texas Instrument calculator – TI-30x IIS

4 – Two-pocket folders (Math, History, English, Health)

2 – red pens

4 – one-subject spiral notebooks (Math Journal, History Notes, and English)

20 – pieces of loose-leaf paper (Health)

50 – plastic sheet protectors (25 for English & 25 for History)

1 - boxes of tissues for home base teacher

1 – pack of 3X5 lined note cards

1 – 2 pocket folder/with fasteners (Reading)

1 – pair of headphones/ear buds (Science)


8th Grade Supply List: 2018-2019

*Many of the items below may be recycled from previous years.

pencils to last the entire year

1 - highlighter

1 pkg - lined notecards - 3 x 5 only

1 pkg - colored pencils (may be recycled from previous years)

1 - blue or black ink pen

1 - red pen

1 - protractor (may be recycled from previous years)

1 - metric and English ruler (may be recycled from previous years)

4 – folders – different colors for each class (Reading/English, History, Spanish, & Math)

4 - single subject spiral notebooks (Math, Reading/English, Spanish, & History)

1 - 1½” WHITE binder (Math)

1 - 1” BLUE binder (History)

25 - plastic sheet protectors (History – may be recycled from previous years)

1 - 1½” BLACK binder (Reading/English)

1 - 1½” or larger RED binder (Science)

1 - 5 pack tab dividers (only required for students taking the Ag, Food, & Nutrition elective)

2 - jumbo stretchy book covers

1 - box of tissues - given to home base teacher

1 - TI30xIIS (Texas Instrument Calculator - 8th grade Math)

1 - TI-83 or TI-84 Plus (Texas Instrument Graphing Calculator - Algebra I)

1 - earbuds or headphones (Science)

Reminder: Book bags or backpacks will not be allowed in class


  • Guests and visitors must sign in at the office and pick up a visitor’s pass to wear each time you are in the building.
  • All outside doors to the building will be locked during school hours.
  • Visitors during school hours should enter through the Main (Stryker Street) entrance. Use the call button on the right side of the entry and someone will “buzz” you in.
  • Handicapped visitors should use the East (Gym) entrance. Use the call button located near the handicap accessible door.
  • After school hours the Main (Stryker Street) entrance will be open until 4:30                    

Electronic Equipment

Games, musical devices , and cell phones should not be brought to school. School personnel may confiscate these items. Other electronic devices that serve an academic purpose may be used during the school day if specified by the Principal.


It is recommended that students bring a lock for their locker to secure valuable items when not in use. A copy of the combination must be left with the office.

Cafeteria Prices & Balances

Lunch prices will be $2.70 for regular lunch and $3.00 for basket meals for students for the 2015-16 school year. Breakfast prices will be $1.50. Extra milk will be sold for $.50. For student balances, contact Sarah Nafziger via email. (

Daily Announcements

Daily announcements for the middle school are available on the web, or parents can receive the daily announcements via email.  If interested, please send an email to Mrs. Wyse with your student's name and grade.

Middle School Announcements

Pick Up and Drop Off

Please use the north side "drop off" or "pick up" zone on the north side of the building before and after school. This will help to enhance a steady flow of traffic for middle school parents and staff.

Student Dress Code

 Click here to see student dress code.

2018 Spring Test Scores

2018 Ohio State Tests- % Proficient

AMS students scored a much higher percentage of students achieving "proficiency" than the state average on all areas of the Spring 2018 Ohio State tests.


  ELA               Math              Science        Social Studies
5th Grade

AMS 89/ State 70

AMS 77/ State 62

AMS 89/ State 68 NA
6th Grade AMS 76/ State 59

AMS 89/ State 58

7th Grade AMS 66/ State 63

AMS 80/ State 58

8th Grade AMS 65/ State 54

AMS 85/ State 53

AMS 77/ State 67 NA