Message from the Principal

Thank you for visiting the Archbold Middle School website!  I hope you find this resource helpful.  AMS is a special place for students to learn and grow.  We have a strong COMMUNITY of students and staff for the 2020-2021 school year!  It is inspiring to visit the classrooms and be involved in the challenging and motivating lessons that our students are engaged in every day.  No matter the specific role an EDUCATOR on our TEAM  plays; from cook, to teacher, to custodian, all are committed to providing every student with an extremely positive school experience.

- Matt Shields, AMS Principal

Principal: Matt Shields

Secretary: Robin Wyse


AMS Book Fair

The Spring Scholastic Book Fair is coming to

Archbold Middle School March 1 – 5!

We are planning a safe in-house book fair for our students and a virtual book fair
for you and your student to browse and purchase from home. 

Click here to make your online purchases. 

Thank you for your support!!

Book Fair

The Scholastic Book Fair is coming to AMS November 16 – 23!

Due to COVID-19, we will NOT be hosting Family Night Events.

Students may make purchases at our revised, safe, in-house book fair during school hours November 16 – 23.  You can also view our virtual fair with your student and purchase online November 6 – 19.

eWallet gives your child a safe, cashless way to shop at our fair.  Sign up for eWallet or shop online through the following link:

AMS Restart Plan

The district will be operating on a staggered start, with the first day for 5th & 7th graders being Wednesday, August 19 and for 6th & 8th graders being Thursday, August 20. There will be no school on Friday August 20. Grades 5-8 will return to school on Monday, August 24

Our general principles of emphasis with students will be:

1. avoid touching others

2. maintain social distance and avoid congregating

3. keep students with the same cohort as much as possible

4. avoid sharing materials

5. disinfect shared spaces and materials between each use

6. wash/ sanitize hands frequently

Some of the adjustments we are making to our daily procedures:

Based upon health orders from Governor DeWine and the Ohio Department of Health, all students are required to wear a face mask or face covering. During exercise (recess, gym, sports practice) and while eating are exceptions. Students with a medical condition prohibiting them from wearing a mask must provide a note signed by their physician.

Schedules: Printed schedules will be provided to each student by their first period teacher. A list of students' first period classes will be posted at the Gym Lobby Entry. Schedules are also available on Powerschool.

Supplies: For those who ordered school supplies on-line, the kits will be provided by your first period teacher on the first day of school. School supply lists for each grade are available on the district web page. Printed copies will be available at the drop box area inside the Stryker Street entry after August 10.

Arrival: Doors will be unlocked at 7:45. Students should enter through the Gym Lobby entry. Students will go directly to their lockers and first period class. There will be no separate "Home Base" period. Students will be discouraged from congregating in the hallways, etc. before school. Breakfast for those who choose it will be "grab and go" to be eaten in students' first period class.

Dismissal: Students who walk home or are picked up will be dismissed at 2:52 and encouraged to leave the building quickly. A second bell will ring at 2:55 to dismiss those who ride bus or stay for an afterschool activity.

Class transitions: At the end of each class students will be asked to assist the teacher in disinfecting their work area and any shared materials. If you do not want your student to assist in wiping their personal work area after they are done, please contact the office. Dismissal will be staggered to limit congestion in the hallways, etc.

Classroom: Students will be assigned seats in an alphabetical cohort throughout the day to limit exposure and assist in contact tracing. Classrooms are being adjusted to remove group seating and maximize spacing. When switching classes, desks and shared materials will be disinfected.

Hallways: Students will be allowed to carry a bookbag from class to class. Use of lockers will be limited to before school, before lunch, and after school. Students will be encouraged to go directly to their next class and ask permission to use the restroom or fill water bottles as necessary. Restrooms will be labeled with a maximum capacity. Students will be expected to wait outside until space is free. Drinking fountains will be off, but water bottle fill stations will be available. This year any water bottle with a resealable lid will be permissible.

Cafeteria: The schedule has been adjusted to accommodate separate lunch/ recess times for each grade level. 8th Grade lunch will be from 12:10 to 12:40. Tables will be set up in both the cafeteria and small gym to provide extra space. Students will be assigned seats at lunch. Tables will be limited to 2-5 students. A limited number of students will be allowed in line at one time. Students will wash/ sanitize hands before and after lunch & recess. On days when indoor recess is necessary, student groups will take turns in the cafeteria and gym areas. Please do not send lunches requiring heating. Students will not have access to a microwave.

Chromebooks: To avoid sharing materials, all students will be assigned a Chromebook. 7th and 8th grade students will be permitted to take them home and will be expected to bring them to school each day, fully charged. Students will be responsible for damages due to negligence.

Visitors: As a reminder, no visitors will be permitted (except to the Office) without a scheduled appointment. All visitors to the Office will be directed to the Stryker Street entry. Visitors to the office are asked to wear a facial covering.

Lunch Money & Student Fees: Book Fees for 8th graders this year are $39 You can pay these with a check to "Archbold Middle School".  These can be paid beginning August 10. There will be a drop box and envelops set up inside the Stryker Street entry. A receipt will be sent home with your student at the beginning of the school year. You may also prepay for the cafeteria. Please use a separate check and envelop to "Archbold Cafeteria" Fees can also be paid by mail or simply sending envelops to school with your student. Our address is: 306 Stryker Street. Archbold, OH 43502.

Medication: For students needing to take it at school, parents can bring medication starting August 10. You are advised to call ahead to make sure someone is available. Please make sure to also bring in the Medication Administration Records completed by your doctor. A copy of this form can be found on our web page under District- Medical Information (


1. Students will not be permitted to bring food from home/ birthday treats to distribute to classmates (bummer!).

2. Students are not permitted to use electronic devices to call or text without permission from a staff member. Students feeling ill must be evaluated and ask permission before calling home.

4. Picture Day on August 25 is on as scheduled. Those choosing the Bluestreak Academy will be permitted to participate.

5. Archbold ROCKS after school program and the 8th Grade Washington DC Trip are on hold until further notice.

2020-2021 AMS Supply Lists

Fall 2020: Notes of Interest

COVID Updates: As the Fall approaches, we will be working with area districts and following guidance from the state and local health departments to ensure a safe return to school activities. We anticipate adjustments to our schedules and procedures may be needed. These will be communicated via parent e-mail provided in Final Forms. Please make sure this is up to date as this is the primary e-mail communicate to receive this type of information.

Daily Announcements: Daily announcements are sent to the parent e-mail in Final Forms. If you have questions related to receiving announcements, contact Mrs. Robin Wyse, at:

On-line Grade Viewer & Powerschool App: At the beginning of 5th grade, a letter is sent home with each student including a Powerschool username & password. Students keep the same username & password through 12th grade.

To view your child's grades on-line visit  Click on the “Parents/Community” menu, choose “Grades”, and login with your PowerSchool username & password.  If you haven't created a PowerSchool username, click on “PowerSchool Parent Account Directions” (also on the “Parents/ Community” menu). Directions for the Powerschool Mobile App can also be found on the "Parents/ Community" menu.

Final Forms- Please update and e-sign online forms for Fall 2020! Parents may log into their student's Final Forms account and update all forms for the upcoming year any time after July 1. Emergency contacts, medical authorizations, health concerns all require new signatures each year. Please update any other changes, such as address & phone number also. This must be completed prior to the first day of school.  You can access Final Forms by clicking on the link on the Archbold Schools home page. Questions? e-mail Lorinda Brader or Ronda Lovejoy

Medication: With few exceptions, it is not legal for students to carry or self-administer medication of any kind at school. All prescription and over-the-counter meds must be turned in to the office in the original package and administered per district guidelines. Signed medication authorization forms must be on file for both prescription and non-prescription medications. State law permits, students with physician signed authorization on file in the school office to "self-carry" asthma inhalers or "epi-pens" (see enclosed form) For further information, please review the "Medical Information" link on the district web-page. Questions? Please contact our school nurse, Karla Petersen at

2020 Supply Lists: AMS Supplies for the 2020-21 school year may be purchased on-line by going to Our school account number is 14332. Kits with the exact colors, quantities, and brands students need will be delivered directly to the school and ready for pick-up at open house. On-line orders must be placed by June 21. If you prefer to shop the "old fashioned way", supply lists are now on our website (also enclosed).

2020 Class Schedules & Fees: Fee payment and schedule pick up begins Monday, August 10 from 8:30 AM. – 3:00 PM in the AMS Office. 

Please note: All financial obligations must be paid in full from previous years to be allowed to pick up schedules.

Student Dress Code & Other Handbook Questions: Parents, especially those of incoming 5th graders, may have questions about the AMS dress code and other policies. To view the handbook, go to our district webpage, under the "Middle School" tab and choose "Handbook".


Open House: 6 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. on Monday, August 17, 2020.

First Day of School: Wed., Aug. 19.  Students must be in the building by 8AM.

Picture Day: Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Grandparents’/Retirees Day for 5th Grade: 21st annual Grandparents’ Day will be held on Friday, Oct 2.  Registration material will be sent home after the start of school.  The festivities will begin at 8:30 and will end at approximately 10:15.

Student Drop Off/ Pick Up: Parents are asked to pull into a parking space for the purpose of student pick up and drop off on Holland Street (the north side of the building). Please note this village ordinance:

“No operator of a vehicle shall stop for any purpose or reason, including picking up or dropping off school aged children, on Holland Street between the intersections of Holland and Eicher Streets and Holland and Ditto Streets, during the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on those days when school is in session.”

7th Grade Parents: A reminder that Ohio law now requires that students entering the 7th grade must have booster.  TDAP (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis) and Meningitis vaccines. Students without a documented booster must be excluded from school. For additional information, visit  Click on the “District” menu, choose “Medical Information".

8th Grade Trip: Plans for a 2021 8th Grade trip to Washington DC are on hold until the COVID epidemic is over.


Mandatory Fall Sports Parent/ Coaches meetings will be held after Open House on Monday, August 17 at 7:30.

Athletic Physicals: No athlete will be allowed to practice/participate in any sport until a current physical is on file with the athletic department. In order to generate physical forms to take to your physician, you must begin by registering in Final Forms. The program will generate the needed forms. For more information and instructions, go to our school website and click on the "Parents/ Community" tab at the top. In the drop down click on Final Forms to get started.


Scholastic GO!

Click for access to Scholastic GO!

Username = archbold
Password = schgo

Hello from AMS!


  • Guests and visitors must sign in at the office and pick up a visitor’s pass to wear each time you are in the building.
  • All outside doors to the building will be locked during school hours.
  • Visitors during school hours should enter through the Main (Stryker Street) entrance. Use the call button on the right side of the entry and someone will “buzz” you in.
  • Handicapped visitors should use the East (Gym) entrance. Use the call button located near the handicap accessible door.
  • After school hours the Main (Stryker Street) entrance will be open until 4:30.                 

Daily Announcements

Daily Middle School announcements are available on the web, or parents can receive the daily announcements via email.  If interested, please send an email to Mrs. Wyse with your student's name and grade.

Student Dress Code

Click here to see the middle school student dress code.


Electronic Equipment

Games, musical devices , and cell phones should not be brought to school. School personnel may confiscate these items. Other electronic devices that serve an academic purpose may be used during the school day if specified by the Principal.



It is recommended that students bring a lock for their locker to secure valuable items when not in use. A copy of the combination must be left with the office.


Cafeteria Prices & Balances

Lunch prices will be $2.75 for regular lunch and $3.00 for basket meals for students. Breakfast prices will be $1.50. Extra milk will be sold for $.50. For student balances, contact Jenna Stuckey via email.


Pick Up and Drop Off

Please use the "drop off" or "pick up" zone on the north side of the building before and after school. This will help to enhance a steady flow of traffic for middle school parents and staff.


2019 Spring Test Scores

2019 Ohio State Tests- % Proficient

AMS students scored a much higher percentage of students achieving "proficiency" than the state average on all areas of the Spring 2018 Ohio State tests.

  ELA               Math              Science        Social Studies
5th Grade

AMS 89/ State 70

AMS 83/ State 62

AMS 82/ State 68 NA
6th Grade AMS 71/ State 59

AMS 90/ State 58

7th Grade AMS 83/ State 63

AMS 80/ State 58

8th Grade AMS 72/ State 54

AMS 92/ State 53

AMS 89/ State 67 NA