Thank you for visiting Archbold Area Schools’ website.  We hope that through this experience you are able to get a sample of our wonderful facilities, technology, and varied educational offerings. Our pride in our school system and our community is reflected by our staff and students in all that we do.  We strive daily to meet our district mission - Preparing the Leaders of Tomorrow.

I am proud to be the Superintendent of this school system, we have excellent teachers and outstanding students.  We will make it our goal to get better each day as we chase greatness!

Go Bluestreaks!

Aaron M. Rex

End of the year!

We are now in the last few weeks of the school year and it is a busy time around the district! Our teams are involved in tournament play and we wish them luck as they finish out their year. We look forward to seeing them advance and continue to push on towards regional and state play!  It will also be interesting to see if we can repeat as all-sports champions.

Our 8th graders had great weather and an excellent time in Washington DC. The band and choir put on outstanding performances at the state level and are performing their final concerts of the year.  Prom was a success, and graduation is upon as as the students will have commencement on May 27.  The last day for students is May 30 and I am sure that they are excited for summer!  Keep in mind that we would love for you to sign up for our 5K that will take place on May 26 at AHS.

Continue to visit Dyancal, the school website and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to see all that our students are involved in.

If you should have any questions about anything going on in the district please feel free to contact me at the central office. 

Have a great rest of the school year and Go Streaks!

Aaron Rex

"Preparing the Leaders of Tomorrow"


2016-2017 Report Card

Earlier this year the State of Ohio released school grade cards for the 2016-2017 school year.  At Archbold Area Schools we consider the grade card to be only one measure of what we do.  We do so much more for our students and our community!  I want to thank our teachers for their hard work in preparing our students for the state tests, and also our students for their efforts.  I look forward to continuing to Prepare the Leaders of Tomorrow this school year!

I have summarized the results below:

  • State test indicators met=F and Performance Index score=B  (component grade for Achievement is a C)    75% of grade comes from PI and 25% from Indicators
  • Annual Measurable Objectives/Gap Closing=D   This measure shows how well we are meeting the performance expectations for the most vulnerable students in LA, Math, and Graduation.  Compares students in 9 groups to those across the state.
  • Graduation=4 year rate=A   5 year rate=A (Component grade is an A)
  • K-3 Literacy=A
  • Preparing Students for Success=C   This takes into account the number of students that earn a remediation free score on all parts of ACT, SAT, honors diploma, or industry recognized credential.  Bonus points can be earned if students get a 3 or higher on AP exam, or earn 3 college credits before leaving HS.
  • Overall value added=A      Gifted value added=B    Students in lowest 20%=C  Students with disabilities=C   (Component Grade for progress=B)

Other interesting facts:

  • Our district spends 73.4% of its funding on direct classroom instruction.  This ranks us 8th out of a comparison group of 275.  
  • More than half of Ohio’s districts earned a D in Achievement and the most common grade was a C (where we scored).  Only 13 schools out of 609 across the state earned an A.
  • In the progress measure more than half of the districts earned an A or B.  We earned a B in this area.
  • Our district saw improvements in many areas compared to last year.  The reason for not meeting some of the indicators was that the state raised the proficiency score to 80%.  We were well above the state average in all of these categories.
  • Nearly half of the districts in Ohio earned an F on Gap Closing
  • One quarter of all schools earned an A or B on K-3 literacy, most common grade was a C.
  • The majority of districts earned a D on Prepared for Success
  • I believe that in the future that something will have to change in the area of state indicators met.  Since the state raised the cutoff score to 80% the majority of schools across the state will be in the D-F range.

If you have any questions about the grade card or how we prepare our students for these tests, please let me know. 

Aaron Rex

WiFi on School Buses

In the spring of 2017 our district carried out a WiFi project to supply internet connectivity on all of our school buses.  Our goal was and still is to provide students the ability to complete homework and access the internet on their way home from school, during field trips, and traveling to extra-curriculars. 

Bluestreak Shuttle Service

We are pleased to partner with Kenn-Feld Group to provide a shuttle service at all of our home sporting events and performances.  In the past we have heard from our public that it is difficult for our handicapped and elderly population to walk from the lot to the school entrances.  Due to these concerns we will have a four person gator at all home events to help make sure that all of our guests can come and support their children, grandchildren and the Bluestreaks!

Saving money and helping the environment

Propane buses:

This is the seond year that our two propane buses have been in operation.  By purchasing propane buses we save the district money in fuel costs (propane sells for about $1.00 per gallon and we receive a .50 rebate for each gallon from the IRS), and they create less pollution that goes into our air.  The initial cost of a propane bus is very comparable to that of a diesel school bus and we have been very happy with their operation thus far. 

Wind Turbine:

We are entering year five of operation for our wind turbine and this is the prime operating time for the 298 foot, 750 kW machine.  Starting in November through March we see the most wind and this helps to create power for our high school and elementary buildings.  Although we may complain about the cold wind and wind chill, these strong breezes help to bring thousands of dollars in savings to our school district. 

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