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titude + Effort = Success

Archbold Elementary houses grades K-4 along with our county run pre-school units.  We have four to five sections of each grade level with approximately 100 students per grade.  When staff and students walk through the doors of Archbold Elementary School, they automatically become members of the AES Club where Attitude + Effort =Success and we are Respectful, Responsible, and Safe!  It is our goal at Archbold Elementary to ensure every student finds SUCCESS!



2017-2018 Kindergarten Registration

Parents of children who will be five years old on or before August 1, 2017 are asked to bring the child’s birth certificate, immunization records, and proof of residency (i.e., utility bill or rental/lease agreement), and custody papers if applicable to the elementary office to register for kindergarten.

** Please contact us at 419-446-2727 if you have any questions. **





Principal: Dorothy Lambert              Secretary: Diane Bernath
dlambert@archboldschools.org      dbernath@archboldschools.org


As the students entered the elementary this year, they were reminded that they are “official members” of the AES Club (Attitude + Effort = Success). They were also be reminded of what it means to be Respectful, Responsible and Safe in all areas of the school building and on the bus.  Throughout the year, we will be looking to “catch” those “Super Streaks” who demonstrate a great attitude, put forth extra effort, and who strive to be respectful, responsible, and safe!  Each month, we will recognize our Super Streaks during an assembly on Super Streak Fridays.  The staff at AES “can’t stop the feeling” that this is going to be a GREAT year!




Cafeteria Prices

Lunch Price - $2.50 for students. $3.00 for adults. Additional milk - $.50

Breakfast Program

At Archbold Elementary, breakfast will be served from 8:05-8:20 AM in the elementary cafeteria. All students need to report to their classrooms to sign in before going to breakfast.  The cost of breakfast is $1.50. 

Parking Lot Safety

In order to keep our students who are dropped off and/or picked up at school safer, we are going to designate a “drop-off/pick-up zone”. The drop-off/pick-up zone will be between the two cross walks in front of the school building. Students who are being dropped off will need to exit the car once you are in this zone in order to keep traffic flowing in the morning. Students being picked up after school will need to wait on the sidewalk in the pick-up zone until their ride approaches the curb in this zone. Students will not be allowed to walk to cars waiting in line outside the pick-up zone or to cars in the “second lane”.

Parents are still welcome to park in the lot and come up to the school to pick up their children.

Look for the cones on the sidewalk marking the drop-off / pick-up zone. Please be patient as we try to make our students safer. Thank you for your cooperation!

Arrival/Dismissal Time

Buses will be arriving at 8:05 AM to drop off the elementary students. Students who walk or are dropped off are asked to arrive between 8:00 AM - 8:15 AM. There will be no supervision of children prior to 8:00 AM. The tardy bell will ring at 8:20 AM as in the past.  Dismissal time will be 3:05 PM for walkers followed by bus riders. 


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