Fiscal Services

Welcome to the Treasurer’s Office at the Archbold Area School District. It is a pleasure to serve as the district’s Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer.

The Archbold School District’s area includes all of the Village of Archbold and portions of `rank`lin and German Townships in Fulton County plus the Village of Ridgeville Corners, Ridgeville Township, and a portion of Freedom Township in Henry County.  The school district consists of approximately 80 square miles.  The School District is an independent political subdivision of the State of Ohio and operates subject to the provisions of the Ohio Constitution and various sections of the Revised Code.

The effective and efficient financial management of the school district resources are directly related to the quality of the district’s educational programs. The temptation of allowing financial resources to dictate the direction of a district’s educational program becomes more difficult in tough economic times. It is the primary focus of the Board, Superintendent and myself as Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer that we work together to be excellent stewards of the taxpayer’s dollars and at the same time ensure that the children that are sent to us each and every day along with those that graduate from Archbold High School are prepared to meet today’s challenges.

I hope that the information available on this website provides you with a clear understanding of the district’s finances. It is important to be transparent with the financial information as it is available.

If you should ever have any questions regarding the financial information that is or is not available on this website, please feel free to contact this office at any time.

Joyce Kinsman - Treasurer/CFO 567.444.4393

Joyce Kinsman

Joyce Kinsman, Treasurer

Mrs. Kinsman reports directly to the Board of Education. Many of the duties and responsibilities of the Treasurer are outlined in the Ohio Revised Code and include the receipt, disbursement, and investment of all public funds, as well as state and federal grants.  Mrs. Kinsman with the assistance of the administration is responsible for the development of the district's annual budget and Five Year Forecast.  The Five Year Forecast is a financial planning tool that includes 3 years of actual expenditures, the current fiscal year and 4 years of projection. Many resources contribute to the financial planning and projection. 

Mrs. Kinsman serves as the secretary of the Board of Education. This includes providing legal notices of board meetings, attending regular and special meetings, and preparing the minutes of all meetings.  Mrs. Kinsman prepares Board resolutions and provides administrative assistance in the operation of all school student activity accounts. Mrs. Kinsman also communicates to the Board and administration financial management information, including the determination of tax levies and the sale of bonds of issuance of notes, if needed. 

Mrs. Kinsman oversees one assistant, Rachel Lange. Mrs. Lange is the Assistant to the Treasurer. Her primary role is Human Resource Administrator.  She oversees payroll and benefits for the staff of Archbold Schools.

If you have any questions regarding Archbold Area Schools' finances or payroll benefits, feel free to contact Mrs. Kinsman at or Mrs. Lange at