Interactive Smartboard Use

Technology Vision Statement

The Archbold Area School District is dedicated to developing students who are educated with a strong foundation of basic technological skills and the know-how to apply that knowledge to real-life, relevant, problem-solving situations in a highly technical information-based world. We are committed to developing students that are educated today, but also possess the tools to continue learning for the rest of their lives.

By utilizing technology, the teacher’s ability to educate the students will be enhanced. With emphasis on individual learning situations involving critical thinking skills, the educational environment will become an engaging learning situation. Through the use of technology, students, school personnel and community members will become better educated and informed about the changing world and changing society. The ability to expand the walls of the classrooms to include the community, the state, the nation, and the world will provide the best educational experience possible at Archbold Area Schools.

We have recently completed an initiative to provide every student in grades K-12 with their own device to use during the school day to eliminate the need for sharing devices.  Currently grades 7-12 are permitted to take their devices home provided the proper forms are signed and submitted.


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