Welcome to Archbold High School!

Archbold High School is a 9-12th grade school with a tremendous staff and an excellent student body!  AHS offers numerous elective courses in drama, music,  computer and technology, industrial arts, art, business, and vocational education, as well as rigorous core curriculum offerings.  AHS supports 18 varsity sports as well as several very active student and booster groups. Archbold High School student success is due to continual support from our community! 


Principal: Royal Short

Secretary: Tess Pinter


Daily Announcements

Parents can receive the daily announcements via email.  If interested, please sign into Final Forms and select your child.  Then click on the Daily Email Announcements form and enter the email address(es) you wish to receive daily announcements.

High School Announcements


Absence Policy

A student is allowed to have a parent write notes to excuse absences up to thirty hours in a semester.  Hours beyond the thirty and subsequent absences in that semester will require a medical note.  If a note is not provided, the absence will be considered unexcused.  Please contact Mrs. Pinter at 419-445-5579 or email at tpinter@archboldschools.org  for any absence.

Cafeteria Accounts

During the school year students will need to turn in their money to the high school office by 10:30 AM in order to have the money deposited into their account for that day.  No money will be taken while a student is in the lunch line.  Parents who do not want to allow other students to use their child's lunch account need to notify Mrs. Babcock.

Lunch prices will be $3.25 for regular lunch and $3.25 for basket meals for the 2023-24 school year.  

Questions can be emailed to Mrs. Babcock.

To make an online payment or view student balances, log into your PaySchools account.

Click here to see directions for creating a PaySchools account.

ACT Scores

                                  English           Math            Reading          Science           Composite

AHS Students             22.6              22.5               23.3                  23                      23

State Average             21.4              21.7               22.4                  22                      22