Curriculum Director

Michele Bagrowski

Mrs. Bagrowski has been with Archbold Area Schools since 2007.  She began her career at Four County Career Center as an English teacher.  Mrs. Bagrowski graduated from Bowling Green State University with an undergraduate degree in Integrated Language Arts and a Masters degree in school administration. Mrs. Bagrowski also returned to complete a Superintendent's license degree program.  

We encourage you to contact Michele with questions you have about the curriculum provided at Archbold Area Schools.


Spring Test Schedule

Each year, our district carefully organizes a test schedule that meets the state requirements for the prescribed testing window. This year we have worked diligently to narrow down our testing window to just one month so that we are disrupting less instructional time.  With the increase in the number of technology devices we have available for testing and the hard work of our technology department, we are able to test more students at once and complete testing in fewer days.  Please review our testing schedule for when your child will be testing.  It is crucial that you child attend school on testing days so that they are not pulled from classes at a later date to make up their missing tests.  If you have any questions about our testing schedule, please do not hesitate to contact Michele Bagrowski, our testing coordinator or your building principal.


Graduation Requirements

There are different graduation requirements for high school students based on what year they entered their freshman year.  Based on a 4-year high school career, students will be following the following graduation for their graduation year.  Please see the following links:

Students graduating in 2020 (after following a 4-year path)

Students graduating in years 2021 and 2022 (after following a 4-year path)

Students graduation in 2023 or beyond (after following a 4-year path)