Teacher Resources for Learning at Home during COVID-19

There’s so much available online to help educators, families, and students optimize their learning amid so many unknowns, but information overload isn’t helping any of us bring our stress levels down.  Here are some articles and resources that may help teachers transition to alternative education methods and make this experience as student-centered as they can to empower learners. 


Knowledge Works

Guidelines for Helping Classroom Teachers Transition to Online Learning

Strategies for Online Learning



Common Sense Media

NWOCA Resources

Ohio Distance Learning (Edcite)

IXL - Professional Learning

Scholastic Classroom Magazines


INFOhio:  BookFlix

INFOhio: Watch and Learn

INFOhio:  TrueFlix

INFOhio:  FreedomFlix

INFOhio:  ScienceFlix


PBS Kids


Spelling City - Vocabulary
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