Meet the Teacher Night
August 21, 2014
Archbold High School
6:00 pm

Parents and Community Members are invited to the inaugural “Meet the Teacher Night” at AHS. Visitors will have an opportunity to visit classrooms to hear from the teaching staff the material they will be covering this year. They will cover how their classroom operates as well as how they use the iPads in the classroom. This will be a great way for parents to meet their child’s teacher as well as a way for community members to tour the building and see how education has changed over the years.

Beginning at 6:00 pm there will be a freewill donation meal served in the cafeteria. At 7:00 visitors will have the opportunity to listen to teacher presentations in their classrooms as well as tour the building. Parents can follow their child’s schedule as they meet the teachers and share any information with the teachers that may be beneficial.

Come and join us for a great evening at AHS!

Optional Insurance Form - Click here to download an optional insurance form for your student. [Click Here] PDF viewer is needed.

Absence Policy - Attention Students and Parents: Under the new proposal, a student is allowed to have a parent write notes to excuse absences up to five (5) days in a semester, the sixth and subsequent absences in that semester will require a medical note. If one is not provided, the absence will be considered unexcused. There are many students who have reached their five days for this semester. If you are one of them, you need medical notes.

Cafeteria Accounts - During the school year this year students will need to turn in their money to the high school office by 10:30 AM in order to have the money deposited into their account for that day. No money will be taken during the lunch line. Parents who do not want their child letting other students using their lunch accounts, need to notify Mrs. Babcock. Question can be emailed to Mrs. Babcock.

Daily Announcements - Parents can receive the daily announcements via email. Please contact Mrs. Gerken by sending an email message to her. Please state your student's name and grade. Click here to send email to Mrs. Gerken. When the school year starts, the daily announcements for the high school will be available on the web. Click here.

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